About Us

About Swara Garments

Swara Garments was founded by Ravi Barasiya in September 2021. We are one of the best t-shirt manufacturers in Rajkot, Ahmedabad, and Gujarat. It was first established on 1st September 2014 on Ganesh Chaturthi at Kothariya Chowki, Rajkot. It was started with the name Intense Fashion Clothing – Zabel. Under this brand, we used to sell t-shirts, company t-shirts, corporate uniforms, caps, and many more clothing products.

Within a few months, we changed the name of Intense Fashion Clothing – Zabel to Shree Khodiyar Manufacturer. We sold the same products as before. In November 2017 we changed the name of Shree Khodiyar Manufacturer to Swara Garments, t-shirt manufacturers. We also registered Swara Garments as ‘Colar Coast’.

Core Values of Swara Garments


To provide reliable products and services. To work honestly, ethically, and legally


To constantly innovate new products and creatively develop the brand through a different perspective

Team Spirit

To work as a team effectively and efficiently to achieve the common goals and objectives.


To provide the best quality products following the market standard.

Social Responsibility

To be committed to utilizing the resources mindfully, taking care of the environment, and providing products that enhance the lives of the customers, employees, and society.


To respect and value our employees and customers by complying with all the rules and regulations.

The vision of Swara Garments

Why Choose Swara Garments?

Fabric from renowned mills

The fabrics used in our products is used from renowned mills which are environmentally better


We provide the feature of customization so that you can have a product that is suitable to your needs and requirements

On time delivery

We promise to deliver the products on time and without any errors

Superior quality products

The products at Swara Garments are of superior quality and made with the best quality raw materials